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This policy sheet describes, in plain English, the general AZC.COM service policies that our existing and potential customers should be aware of. Please note that it is not a substitute for the formal contracts that you will have to agree to upon signing up for hosting, a domain, or activation additional services such as email.

Copies of the indicidual agreements can be viewed here:

When you sign up any one of our services, we always double check the content of the submitted form(s) and will discuss any questionable entries with you. However, we are not responsible for any mistakes, oversight, or missing information.

If we have taken actions based on the information provided in the form and later on you request us to repeat the process based on some new information from you, we will charge you the same amount of service fee.

Acceptable Use Policies

AZC.COM makes its WWW servers available to subscribers of its Web presence services, but does not necessarily endorse any of the items published through its servers.

We reserve the right to refuse to serve the Web presence materials of any existing user making inappropriate or unreasonable use of AZC.COM's services or an applicant whose planned Web presence activities are deemed to have the potential of creating negative impact on AZC.COM's abilities to serve its customers.

The appropriateness and reasonableness of use, and potential of negative impact to AZC.COM of customer's materials are matters which shall be determined in AZC.COM's sole judgement.

The term "Web presence materials" is defined as data of any form that can be delivered by AZC.COM's Web presence software and hardware resources, including but not limited to its Web server software, hardware, and Internet link.

Examples of inappropriate or unreasonable use:

  • providing copyrighted materials without authorization
  • providing obscene or offensive materials (e.g. pornographic and racist materials)
  • providing materials whose nature and/or volume compromises the ability of AZC.COM's servers to serve other users' Web presence materials, instances including but not limited to unreasonable consumption of disk space, Internet link bandwidth, CPU, and memory usage, as determined by AZC.COM Web server maintenance staff
  • providing materials that violate the commonly accepted etiquette of the Internet.
  • providing materials that are deemed by the government authorities as inappropriate or illegal. Any such government determinations will be binding on the user, not AZC.COM
  • sending out Unsoliticed Commercial Email (UCE) or Unsolicited Business Email (UBE), both also known as spam via any one of AZC.COM's mail servers, or sending out UCE/UBEs from other ISPs' mail servers in an attempt to entice new visitors to your web site(s) hosted at AZC.COM. We strongly urge you to review our detailed anti-spam policy statements.
  • Users notified of inappropriate or unreasonable usage who fail to correct the situation can lose their Web service. AZC.COM reserves the right to monitor the use and all materials made available by its subscribers, for purposes of assessing the appropriateness and reasonableness of use and potential negative impact to AZC.COM of customer's materials.

Domain Name Update Policies

After your domain name registration has been completed, you become the licensee (administrative contact) of the domain. Thus, you are entitled to submit modification request(s) to the Registrar from whom you obtained your domain name for updating your domain record in the "WHOIS" database. As a rule both intructions and utilities for such maintenance tasks are available on said Registrar's Web site. Nevertheless, if your domain name is reserved through AZC, you can access such maintenance utilities right on AZC's Web site, by selecting the "Domains" navigation menu and then the "Manage your domain" option. There is no Domain Name Services (DNS) involved in minor updates.

The one time service fee that you have paid to AZC.COM for registering your domain name DOES NOT cover such update request(s).

DNS support policies

If necessary, AZC.COM provides Domain Name Services (DNS) support to its customers via the name serving software/hardware it owns and operates. However, should a customer decide to terminate an account at AZC.COM, the later has no obligations whatsoever to keep its name server names and net addresses in the customer's domain name "WHOIS" record.

AZC.COM will, at its sole discretion, to remove its name server names and net addresses from any ex-customer's "WHOIS" database record to prevent lame delegations and the associated problems in the global DNS system such delegations may incur.

User CGI Access Policies

The access privilege is provided "AS IS". How to take advantage of the privilege is entirely up to the user.

If you don't have sufficient software skills to take advantage of the safe user CGI access, please hire a consultant. Please keep in mind that custom programming, software modification, and software installation are considered as consulting work. None of them are included in our normal service plans.

AZC.COM will not provide any answers and/or support to questions and issues about acquiring, learning, programming, debugging, modifying, installing, and running user CGI software.

However, full and timely support is always available to Web presence utilities (including CGI programs) that are created, and maintained by AZC.COM.

Account Usage and Performance Policies

Once you have opened a Web presence account at AZC.COM, as long as the acceptable use policy is observed, you have full freedom as far as how to structure/update your Web docs is concerned. You can name them any way you wish, revise them anytime you prefer, or place some of them in different subdirectories for example.

However, please be advised that AZC.COM operates and manages a shared Web presence resource and thus by necessity must place certain limitations on each account's resource usage. Please DO NOT ask us to change such limitations for your account. Such limitations are set and enforced rigorously for the benefits of all AZC.COM customers.

Should you decide to setup Virtual Host accounts for your clients, we will NOT set up their accounts such that their disk spaces and yours are shared.

In other words, each AZC.COM Virtual Host account is an independent identity, in the sense that it has its own unique domain name, virtual Web server, virtual FTP server, email forwarding, FTP login ID/password, and disk space. Data transfer is also metered independently for each Virtual Host account even you may have more than one account with AZC.COM and surcharges, if any, will be independently computed for and applied to each Virtual Host account.

Users of AZC.COM's Web presence resources understand that AZC.COM does not own or control any networks other than its own internal network, nor is responsible for performance (or non-performance) within such networks. However, AZC.COM will work with its Internet connectivity provider and area TELCO to maximize its Internet link's performance for its customers.

Account Upgrade Policies

AZC.COM may, at its sole discretion, introduce a package that is more feature rich than the existing offering. If a customer would like to upgrade to the new package, the following steps and conditions must be followed.

  • At least two weeks before the expiration of your current account, email us a notice of upgrade intention.
  • If you pay us by credit card, we will charge you the then applicable account upgrade fee and the aggregated monthly service fee (for the renewal period indicated on your Virtual Host Service signup form).
  • If you pay us by check, please send us the payment before the due date of your current account. The amount must be sufficient to cover the then applicable account upgrade fee, and the aggregated monthly service fee.

Surcharge Collection Policies

If, despite the generous default disk space and data transfer monthly limits, an AZC.COM account's disk consumption and/or monthly data transfer exceed their respective default, surcharges listed in the AZC.COM online Web page apply.

Other than under the circumstance noted below, any surcharges are to be collected at the end of the calendar month in which the surcharges are incurred, regardless the starting date and the length of subscription of the said account.

Furthermore, surcharge calculations are based on the default resource limits of the plan to which the account belongs to when the calculations are performed. So, if an account is downgraded from a higher plan to a lower plan (e.g. Standard to Budget) in the middle of a month, the next surcharge calculations are based on the default resource limits of the lower plan, not that of the higher plan to which the account was on previously. The opposite is true as well.

The owner(s) of the said account will be notified via email about the surcharges, and a payment should be sent to AZC.COM within two weeks (the grace period) from the end of the calendar month. If AZC.COM doesn't receive the payment within the grace period, the said account's expiration date will be adjusted to an earlier date in a prorated manner (per the account's current payment plan). If the later action is taken, a notice will be sent to the account's owner(s) via email.

 Late payments will not be accepted.

If the said account's resource usage continues to show a trend that may cause a payment default, the account owner(s) will be notified within the calendar month. If no appropriate remedies are taken by the said account's owner(s), the account may be terminated early. Data residing in the account will be purged permanently. AZC.COM explicitly disclaims any liabilities resulting from such data purging. A notice will be sent to the said account's owner(s) when such an action is taken by AZC.COM.

 At any rate, the said account's owner(s) are liable for any amount that is owed to AZC.COM.

Refund and Termination Policies

We at AZC.COM pride ourselves in providing high quality Web presence services at the most competitive prices. However, should you decide to terminate your subscription after you have signed up, we will gladly refund you per the following policies:

  • Domain Name Registration fees are not refundable (see NOTE 1)
  • Set Up fees are not refundable
  • Two weeks advanced notice required
  • Monthly service fees are prorated and then the balance is refunded subject to the conditions given in NOTE 2:

NOTE 1: we will not charge you a fee if we can not complete your Domain Name Registration.

NOTE 2: should you decide to terminate a service subscription before the expiration date, the refund will be calculated using the monthly fee schedule in effect when the termination request is received subject to the two week advanced notice requirement listed above.

If you specify the cancellation date in your cancellation notice to us, it will be used in the above calculations. Otherwise, the date that we receive your cancellation notice is used by default.

 Data residing in any terminated accounts are to be purged permanently on a schedule determined by AZC.COM. AZC.COM explicitly disclaims any liabilities resulting from such data purging.

Site Security Policies

To keep our site security level high, telnet access is not granted.

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