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Web design project questionnaire

In order to provide an accurate overview of your web site project needs, please try to answer all of the following questions to the best of your ability. By providing the in depth information regarding your site requirements, we can then provide the most accurate estimate possible.

*Privacy Statement: We respect your privacy and will only use your information to provide you with an estimate.

A. General Information
1. Your Name (required)
2. Address
3. Country
4. Email Address (required)
5. Company Name
6. Phone Number
7. Fax Number
8. Give a brief description or your company or organization.
9. How did you find out about AZC web design services?
B. Project Overview
1. Is this a new web site design, or a re-design of an existing site?
2. What services might be required from AZC web designs? (Check all that apply.)

Site Design
Domain Name Registration
Web Site Hosting
Create a New Logo
Web site maintenance
E-Commerce Functions

3. What will be the approximate size of this site? (Number of web pages.) web pages
4. What is your approximate budget for project design and promotion (US dollars)?
5. Timeframe: When do you need this project to be completed?
6. What goals do you have for this web site?
7. After the site is complete, what changes or updates will be required for the site's content (text, pictures, information)?
8. Who will make these changes/updates?
9. Would you like us to use an existing design you have, or would you like to choose from our available high quality templates?   
[see Template Samples]
C. Style Preferences
1. Which phrases describe the kind of site you're looking for? (Check all that apply.) Elegant
Modern(High Tech)
Bright Colors
Cool Colors
Business Colors
2. Do you have specific color preferences? If so, please define them for us.
3. Optional: List the web addresses of 1-3 sites that serve as examples of what you do like in a web design. [search]
4. Optional: List the web addresses of 1-3 sites that serve as examples of what you do not like in a web design. [search]
D. E-Commerce Options (If you need no e-commerce, skip to next section.)
1. About how many different products or services will you sell on this site?
2. Describe the products or services you will sell.
3. Will pictures be required for each of the items you sell?

4. How will you accept payment for the items you sell online? (Check all that apply.) Checks by Mail
Accept CC Payment using PayPal
Accept CC Payment, processed offline
Accept CC Payment, processed online
Not Sure
5. Do you currently have a merchant account?

E. Design Elements
1. Do you already have marketing materials?

2. Do you have computer copies of your marketing materials?

3. Would you like us to use your existing logo, or would you like to choose from our available high quality logos?
[see Logo Samples]
4. How many photo images will you require on your site (other than e-commerce product images)? Photo Images
5. Will you be able to provide good quality digital (computer) copies of these photos?

6. Will you require any of these functions on your site? (Check all that apply.) Online Forms
User Registration/Login Panel
Message Boards
Site Searching
Database Functions
F. Misc.
1. Do you know what kind of server will this site be hosted on, if not hosted with us (AZC)?
2. Please list any other information or concerns you may have.